Shrewsbury Garden Club held their final meeting June 15th.  The SGC members will continue to maintain the planters and gardens throughout the summer by weeding and watering weekly.  


If you would like to join the club, we can meet you over the summer, just email us.




Co-Presidents     Judy Bonanno  & 

                                Rachel Weston

Secretaries:          Mary Phillips &

                                Nancy Stewart

Treasurer:            Carey French

MEETINGS: Third Tuesday of the Month unless otherwise noted

LOCATION:  Shrewsbury Historical Society (SHS) 419 Sycamore Avenue, Borough Complex, Shrewsbury,  NJ

Social prior to meeting/speaker time



The Mission of the Shrewsbury Garden Club is to stimulate interest in the knowledge of flowers, gardening and horticulure, to aid in the conservation of native plants and birds, to encourge civic planting , and to raise funds to finance such objects.

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Note from Our Presidents

In 2021, SGC will celebrate it's 65th anniversary.  This season we'd like to reflect on the incredible  past accomplishments of our membership.  This year we honor those who have been involved with SGC for 20 years or more and should note some members have been with us for 50 years.  We feel inspired by and grateful to the women who have come before us and continue on with us now and in the future in the garden.  

Our programs this season range from a look to the past with an examination of real housewives of the 18th century, the kind of industrious women who might have tended the Allen House garden, an introduction to America's first female landscape architect, Beatrix Jones Farrand, and presentations from local woman owned companies on the latest trends in gardening.

With great enthusiasm we are instituting a new Days of Service campaign for our members to gather and garden together throughout the seasons to make light work of our numerous garden tasks. This will be a wonderful way for newer members to learn from the veterans and for us all to share in new ideas, time honored techniques and above all - the joys of gardening.

We encourage you to spread the word of the good things happening when you are part of the Shrewsbury Garden Club. 

Your friends, 

Judy Bonanno and Rachel Weston

Co-Presidents, Shrewsbury Garden Club